3 Easy DIY Fixes To Common Boiler Problems

Is your boiler having mechanical troubles? Before you call the boiler repair person, check it yourself to see if it is a problem you can easily fix. While boilers may seem like complicated pieces of machinery, sometimes you can safely DIY fix them. You just need to know what to look for. Once you know the basics of boilers, you can quickly determine whether you can fix it yourself, or whether you need to call a professional repair person.

Here are three easy DIY fixes to common boiler problems that nearly anyone can do.

1. Fixing Cold or Inconsistent Water Temperatures

You definitely want consistently hot water on demand in your house. There's nothing worse than looking forward to jumping into a hot bath or shower, only to find the water is freezing cold. It is also a bad situation if the water is only hot, because it can get scalding without cold water to make it comfortable. If your water keeps changing temperature during a shower or while doing the dishes, there is also a problem with your boiler. Fortunately, this is often something you can fix on your own.

According to South Coast Today, when any of these situations happen with your boiler, it may have a broken or leaking heating element or a defective thermostat. Check these parts to see if they are working, and also check the combination gauge. You can sometimes fix the problem yourself by replacing the heating element or thermostat. You can get new ones at home supply stores.

2. Water Pressure Problems

If your water is barely coming out of your faucets or shower heads, or if it is spraying out with super powerful force, your boiler is likely the cause. The same is true if the water pressure of the hot water is higher or lower than the pressure of the cold water (and vice versa).

In these cases, there could be a number of causes. Scale build-up could be at fault. So could a kink in the line or a leak in the water main. Flushing the line or undoing the kink can fix things.

Looking to make sure the shut-off valve is completely open, and then opening it if it isn't, may solve the problem entirely. Just try opening the valve, then close it again when the pressure gets to 12 pounds per inch. This is often a quick fix when the pressure is off because of a leak in the water main.

3. Weird Noises

Is your boiler making odd noises? It's probably annoying if it is. You can often hear a noisy boiler throughout the entire house. The noise is usually caused by mineral deposit build-up in the lines or heating elements.

The type of fix depends on the type of noise. Banging noises can usually be fixed by turning off the water main and draining the pipes to remove any sludge. Creaking can be fixed by adding a layer of insulation to the pipes.

Rattling is caused by rattling pipes and can be fixed by giving the pipes some cushioning or affixing them in place in a better manner. Whistling can be fixed by adjusting the pressure on your water main valve until the whistling stops.


There are a lot of little repairs you can do on your boiler that can fix problems quickly. Just make sure you turn off the electricity to the boiler before you do it to be sure you don't risk injury. If you try these quick DIY fixes and they still don't solve the problem, you can always call a professional.