Struggling With A Noisy Water Heater? Possible Causes And Remedies

The last time you walked past your water heater, did you notice a strange noise, like a popping or a high-pitched squeal? Even if your water heater is functioning properly, it can still make a series of strange noises that might not be an issue now but could be a sign of problems to come. Here are a few common noises you might hear coming from your water heater, what they mean and if it's time to call a professional to address the issue:

A Strange Popping or Rumbling

Although it may seem alarming, if your water heater is making a strange popping noise, the culprit is something that is unavoidable but easy to remedy: mineral deposits.

These deposits are caused by the sediments that are naturally found in water. If the water heater is not professionally flushed on a regular basis, such as once a year, the sediment build-up will cause the popping or rumbling noise.

Water discoloration and loss of efficiency are two additional symptoms of excess sediment in your water heater's tank.

If you begin to hear the popping sound, which occurs when the layer of sediment at the bottom of your water heater hits the inner walls of the tank, it is time to contact a professional to discuss your options. In most cases, simply having the water heater flushed will put the popping and rumbling noises to an end.

According to the Natural Handyman, installing a whole home water filtration system can help reduce the amount of sediment in your water heater, which will prevent the popping noise from returning in the future. Installing a water softener and cleaning the tank with a deliming solution are two additional ways you can prevent future sediment build-up.

Once again, the popping noise isn't dangerous, but if left untreated, it can cause your water heater to eventually lose efficiency — or quit all together. This is why it's vital to contact a professional the first time you hear the popping or rumbling noise to ensure this minor issue doesn't escalate and become a major problem.

What Is That Squealing Sound?

In addition to the popping sound, a high-pitched squeal is another common noise that many homeowners will hear coming from their water heater. There are several reasons for this noise, and once again, having the water heater professionally flushed could be the solution.

However, if you still notice the high-pitched sound after the unit is flushed, chances are the culprit is the temperature and pressure release valve. This valve is a safety feature that works by releasing a small amount of water if the pressure in the tank becomes too high.

To check if this is the issue, begin by carefully touching the temperature and pressure release valve. The location of the valve will vary depending on your water heater's manufacturer and model. If you're not sure where to locate the valve, refer to the manual or contact a professional for assistance.

Once you locate the valve, if it feels hot or there is a significant amount of water coming from it, turn off the power and water to the unit and contact a professional immediately. If the issue is a faulty temperature and pressure release valve, it must be professionally repaired quickly to prevent the unit from failing completely.

From rumbling and popping to a downright annoying high-pitched squeal, there are many alarming sounds a homeowner will hear coming from their water heater. If you notice either of these sounds, or suspect your water heater isn't functioning normally, don't hesitate to contact a water heater repair technician immediately. With their assistance, your water heater will be quieter and working more efficiently in no time! Visit a site like to learn more about water heater services you might need to consider.