Why You Should Really Consider Replacing Your Sink Drain

Your sink drain is an invisible part of your bathroom. However, if it isn't working right, it can cause a major problem in a hurry. There are a couple of situations where replacing your sink drain is your best choice, and they can be split into a few simple categories.

The Pipes Are Getting Old

If you aren't sure how old your plumbing is, the easiest way to figure it out is to look at the material it is made out of. Modern plumbing is done with PVC pipe or, occasionally, copper. Older homes used galvanized iron pipes which eventually rust or get clogged up. If your plumbing looks grey or black in color, you are probably looking at galvanized iron plumbing that is getting ready to fail.

Your next steps depend on your budget and the actual condition of your pipes. If you are already starting to have problems with clogs or leaks, then you need to get the work done right away. If not, you may be able to wait until you have saved up, or even until your next remodel. Since much of the plumbing will be hidden in the walls or floor, replacing it is no small task. It is best to take care of this while you have the wall open anyway. On the same token, if you are doing a remodel soon, make sure you leave money in the budget for new plumbing so you don't have to ruin all your hard work to fix a leak shortly after the project is complete.

The Drain Wasn't Built Right

Hopefully, whoever built your bathroom put the right parts in the first time, but this is not always the case. Overly ambitious homeowners often decide that they can take care of a plumbing job themselves, but they are only setting up the next owner up for trouble down the road. Maybe this person was you, but now you are wise to your mistake and need to take steps to rectify the problem before you end up with a mess.

Probably the most common mistake is failing to include a P-trap in the drain. They are called this because the look like a side-ways letter P. They are important, as the trap clog-causing debris early in the system and stop fumes from your sewer line from escaping back into the house. It's tough to continue going without this feature when you realize just how much good this quick upgrade can do you.

You Want to Install a Different Type of Sink

One quick way to revitalize a bathroom is to install a new vanity. Or, if your bathroom is on the small side, replacing the vanity with a pedestal sink to save space. No matter which way you are going, you need to see if the existing plumbing will work with the new design. If the drain line won't fit under the new vanity, it might be worthwhile to simply replace the drain rather than go without the upgrade. This also gives you the opportunity to shape the drain line so that it maximizes the amount of storage space you gain under the sink.

If you aren't sure if your home is ready for new plumbing or not, schedule an appointment with a plumber from a company like Salinas & Sons Rooter Service. They will be able to give you some pointers on areas of concern. Even if you decide to do much of the work yourself, it is helpful to know that you are working on things that actually need it. Of course, there is nothing wrong with contracting all the work either-- the bill for the work will be much smaller than the emergency service you will need if one of your DIY projects springs a leak.