5 Tips for Replacing Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors with Glass

If you are looking for a way to update your kitchen but you do not want to do a complete remodel, you should consider adding custom glass to your cabinet doors. Glass doors allow you to showcase your dishware and add color and texture to your kitchen. If you decide to add glass to your cabinet doors, there are some things you should consider. 

Choose between Framed or Frameless Doors 

Frameless doors on your kitchen cabinets will give you a sleek, modern look throughout your kitchen. Depending on the rest of your kitchen decor, it may be difficult to blend this type of look with your current furniture and style. You will also have to pay for new hardware to secure your frameless doors. However, the drastic style change can be a fairly inexpensive way to give your kitchen a style change. 

Alternatively, you can cut a frame from your current cabinet doors and add glass to them. This is a more subtle way to get the advantages of glass doors and you can add glass to some of your cabinets while keeping other cabinet doors intact. 

Use Frosting or Acid Etching to Cover Problem Areas and Add Interest 

While you may want to display your colorful dishes, you probably do not want to have your messy spice shelf or canned goods on display for your guests to see. This is not a problem if you are only replacing some of your cabinet doors with glass, but if you are replacing all of your cabinet doors with frameless glass you will need to find a way to hide problem areas. One way to do this is to order frosted or acid-etched glass. You can have an entire panel frosted or acid etched or you can choose certain areas to have etching to create an intriguing blurred affect. 

Use Colored Glass to Match Your Kitchen Decor 

To help your glass cabinet doors blend with the rest of your kitchen, you may want to consider ordering colored glass. You have several options for colored glass. Stained glass is glass that is painted and then kiln fired to keep its color. Art glass tends to give a richer color because it is dyed before it is shaped, making it colored all the way through the glass. With art glass you can choose between transparent, streaky, and opal glass, which is much less transparent. 

Select Your Bevel Carefully

If you are adding glass to a frame, you can order sanded edges without a bevel or decorative edging. However, if you are installing frameless doors, you should consider your edging carefully. Beveled edges, with either single, double, or triple edges, give a dramatic shape to your glass, which is a good way to keep curves and decoration in your kitchen. However, for a modern, flat look, you may want to select polished edges instead of beveled edges, as this will keep your clean, square lines. For a compromise between the two that is rounded enough to be nice to touch but does not have the extreme appearance of beveling, choose pencil sanded edges. 

Choose Your Strength Solutions 

There are several ways that you can make your cabinet doors stronger. You can order annealed or tempered glass. Annealed glass is stronger than regular glass but not as strong as tempered glass. When annealed glass breaks, it creates sharp shards whereas tempered glass crumbles into small pieces. A downfall of tempered glass if you have frameless cabinet doors is that they tend to be weak around the edges. 

For added strength you can laminate your glass or choose a thicker piece of glass as well. 

With some creativity and a high-quality glass supplier, you may find that replacing your cabinet doors with glass options completely transforms your kitchen. Contact a representative from a company like Sound Glass Sales, Inc. to get started.