Clean Up Your Kitchen: How The 2016 Kitchen Trends Are Focusing On Clean Lines And Uncluttered Spaces

If you like to keep your kitchen up to date with the latest trends, then you may already know some of the trending kitchen design ideas for 2016. However, a lot of trends can seem to be conflicting. How are you expected to follow the trend of muted colors, 1980's high-gloss finishes, and 1960's white, minimalist designs at the same time? Besides picking one or two trends and following them exactly, it can be helpful to understand what the majority of this year's trends have in common: clean lines and uncluttered spaces. 

Once you understand how the idea of clean, sharp lines and uncluttered spaces relates to each of this year's design trends, you may feel more confident conducting a trendy but unique remodel of your own kitchen. 

Smart Spaces

When you think of smart spaces, you probably imagine having a designated drawer for your smart phone and a place to hang your tablet while cooking. However, smart spaces expand beyond that. It means that every appliance in your kitchen has a designated space that doubles for storage and use. This can include a pull-out shelf for your coffee machine and toaster or a special drawer for your bread machine. 

The idea behind smart spaces is that you are cleaning up the clutter of cords that usually abounds in kitchens as well as hiding appliances that are not in use. At the same time, you are trying to increase the efficiency of the space. 

Integrated Kitchen-Living Spaces 

Are you thinking about knocking down a wall to create an open floor plan? 2016 is the year to do it, but first you have to make sure that your kitchen is not cluttered. Having a cluttered kitchen, with small appliances and utensils stored in sight can be distracting when the kitchen becomes part of the primary living space. Ideally, when the kitchen and living room co-exist, the living room should dominate the space and the kitchen should simply provide a feeling of open, airiness. 

Various Material Finishes 

Color and finish trends in 2016 seem to be all over the board with muted colors, high gloss, white, or metal finishes all deemed as acceptable. This means you have plenty of choice in your decorating style. However, each of these styles share a common strand of clean, bold lines that delineate between finishes in the kitchen. For example, the lines between your cabinets and countertops should be clear and crisp. Similarly, you should have a well-defined back splash.  

Fewer Frills 

Almost all of the 2016 trends involve toning down the kitchen decor to concentrate on a few central pieces. Whether you decide to go fully minimal or to tone down your cabinetry hardware in order to emphasize a new range hood and lighting fixtures, the idea is that you will have only a few intricate pieces in your kitchen that capture the eye and the rest of your design should be crisp and understated. 

Conscious Lighting Choices 

Kitchen lighting, just like smart spaces, is relying on technological advances in order to provide more useful, intentional spaces in your kitchen. You are no longer limited to pendant lighting in the center of the room. Instead, you can play with under-cabinet lighting to make cooking and cleaning easier as well as colored lighting to help turn the kitchen into a welcoming living space. Your lighting choices should be streamlined, not overly visible when not in use, and highly functional. 

In 2016, you have many kitchen remodeling options. However, if you stick with the basic trends of de-cluttering your space and simplifying your design, then you will have a trendy and functional kitchen. For more information, contact companies like Kansas City Remodel and Handyman Allen.