3 Ways To Keep Roof Trusses In Good Condition

If you are planning to add to your home, or construct a garage or playhouse, you will likely need to invest in some wood trusses to help shape your roofline. Storing these trusses can be a challenge if you aren't used to maintaining them, so taking the time to learn a few pointers before your wood trusses arrive can be beneficial.

Here are three things you need to do to ensure your trusses are in good condition when you are ready to use them in the future.

1. Proper storage begins with unloading.

It's essential that you recognize that proper truss storage begins with the unloading process. When wood trusses arrive at your property, they must be carefully removed from the truck transporting them to avoid causing any inadvertent damage.

Wood trusses can be very heavy, and the sheer weight of these products can cause them to bend or snap when being removed from a truck. Plan on having access to a small crane or other piece of equipment that can lift trusses vertically into the air to prevent damage during the unloading process.

2. Keep trusses level when storing.

While you might be tempted to lay your new trusses flat on the ground while you wait to build them into your new structure, this practice could result in damaged trusses that won't be able to bear the weight of your building's roof in the future.

Even if a surface appears to be flat, slight changes in elevation could cause the wood in your trusses to bow and bend. These bows and bends compromise the integrity of the wood, weakening your trusses. Store wood trusses in an upright position to ensure that you minimize the risk of damage during the storage period.

3. Control the climate in which your wood trusses are stored.

Rather than keeping your wood trusses outdoors until you are ready to use them, you should strive to store these construction materials indoors where you can control the climate. Wood expands and contracts as the temperature changes because of the natural moisture content within wood products.

If your trusses undergo too much expansion and contraction before installation, the strength of the wood could be compromised. Controlling the humidity and temperature in the environment where your wood trusses are stored will allow you to ensure the roof on your new construction is sturdy and strong.

If you don't have experience storing wood trusses over long periods of time, be sure that you take the time to learn how you can properly store these construction materials on-site to preserve their structural integrity in the future.

For more information and tips, contact professional truss companies, such as Campbell Truss Company Inc.