Cutting the Communication: Reasons Why a Neighbor Can Cut Your Tree

If you have a lot of trees and plants, you may be very proud of your backyard. As a property owner, how you decorate your land is totally up to you. One of the few issues that can arrive is when you are disrupting your neighbor's enjoyment of their yard. There are some instances in which your neighbor can cut or trim one of your trees. Here are a few reasons why your neighbor may be able to legally perform the trimming of your trees

The limbs extend over to their property

If your trees are tall or wide, it is always a possibility that the limbs will extend over your property. If they extend over the back of your gate, this may not be a big deal. If the limbs extend over to your neighbor's property, this could be a problem for them. If a tree is sticking onto your neighbor's property and it is causing issues with their patio, landscaping, or other structures on their lawn, they have the right to trim the tree limbs causing the issues. The tree should be trimmed carefully, but it can be trimmed so that it is no longer on their land. 

A part of the tree is falling on them

A tree or a branch from a tree crashing on your neighbor's property can cause major destruction to their property. If damage does happen, the neighbor may be able to seek compensation from your homeowner's insurance, and this could potentially cost you. If part of a tree is falling down off of your property to your neighbor's, they have the right to have the tree trimmed. The tree can be trimmed to remove the bark, branches, or other portions of the trees that are falling off onto their property. Taking this action can save both you and your neighbor money. 

The tree trunk is shared

If you have a yard and property line where the tree trunk is shared, both parties have the right to make decisions for the tree. This means that your neighbor can cut the limbs on their property as they see fit. If anything goes wrong with the tree, such as illness or death, both of you have a say in what happens to the tree. If a tree trunk is shared, it is important that everyone get together to make decisions for the tree when necessary to cut down on any confusion or problems.