Five Things You Can Do To Make Your Garage Door Operate More Quietly

An excessively noisy garage door can be an annoying and even potentially dangerous distraction. Garage doors can get so loud when they open and close that they can make it difficult to hear vehicles running and horns honking. 

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to turn the volume down if your garage door is getting a little too noisy. The following are five things you can try:

Put some lubricant on moving parts like rollers and tracks

If your garage door is making high pitched squealing noises when opening and closing, it probably needs to be lubricated.

Motor oil makes a good lubricant for garage door parts. You can put it on any moving parts, including rollers, springs, tracks, and hinges. Apply lubricant liberally and then wipe away any excess that drips off.

Remember not to use grease when you're lubricating garage door parts because grease can actually make a torsion spring garage door opener even noisier. 

Inspect the tracks and rollers to see if they are damaged

Sometimes, garage door noise is caused because there is damage to some of the moving parts.

In particular, tracks and rollers can make more noise than they should if the rollers are sliding rather than rolling through the track. Another potential malfunction that could cause excess noise is alignment issues on the track. 

Lubricate the garage door's chain and pinions

If the chain and pinions of a garage door become too dry, they could begin making a lot of noise. You should apply lubricant to the chain and pinion, but avoid getting lubricant on any rubber parts if your garage door system includes a rubber belt.

When you inspect the chain and pinions to see if they need lubricant, make sure that your chain is pulled taut. A loose chain is another cause of excessive noise. 

Make sure any nuts and bolts are as tight as possible

Creaking and scratching noises could result from loose nuts and bolts in your garage door assembly. Loose nuts and bolts don't just make noise, but they can also create a safety hazard. Be sure to tighten them right away to prevent accidents.

Insulate against noise

If your garage door is making more noise than you would like but there are no maintenance or malfunction issues, you can consider installing insulation.

Noise insulators are made for garage door systems that can quiet down the noise produced by the motor. These insulators typically consist of rubber cylinders that can be screwed into the motor block. 

You can also talk to a company like Callahan Door and Window for more troubleshooting tips.