Important Factors To Consider Early In The Process Of Designing A Custom Home

When many people think about having a custom home built, they think about the excitement that comes with selecting their preferred countertop and flooring styles, paint colors, and other interior accents. While these details are certainly important, there are typically some bigger factors to think about earlier on in the process. Before you dive into the many details of exactly how the interior of the home will look, you'll need to thoroughly consider a number of other critical details. Your custom builder needs to know your input on these topics early on, as they play a key role in the house plans. Here are three factors to give some thought to.

House Angle

Many homeowners opt to have the front of their custom home parallel with the street, but this isn't your only choice. It's worthwhile to think about some other angles and what benefits they might provide. A home build on a slight angle from the street can look visually appealing, but there are more factors to consider than just how the home looks. You'll also want to think about the various angles of the sun at different times of the day. For example, if you favor having the morning sun brighten your kitchen, you'll want to have your home positioned accordingly.

Driveway Structure

Your custom home builder is also responsible for your driveway, so it's worthwhile to think about how you want the driveway to look early on. This isn't just about whether you want it to be paved or made of gravel — you'll also want to consider the shape of the driveway. While having the driveway go straight from the street to the house is customary, having it curve slightly can be visually appealing. And, if there's a large tree between the street and where the house will be built, a curved driveway will allow you to keep the tree rather than have it cut down.

Yard Appearance

If you're buying a lot that hasn't been cleared, your custom home builder will need to know how you want the yard to look. Some homeowners favor a completely cleared yard covered in grass, while others prefer the yard to be as natural looking as possible, with plenty of trees. You'll also want to think about how the existing trees can work with the function and position of your home. For example, a large tree in the corner of the yard can work as one foundation for a clothesline that runs between the tree and your deck. Or, you might favor keeping a couple trees near the front door between which you can string a hammock.

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