Make Your Rental Home Low-Maintenance For Optimized Tenant Interest

It can be tough to compete with other rental homes on the market when it comes to attracting new tenants, especially if your property doesn't offer anything different than others that are available in the area. One way you can more easily attract tenants and make sure your home doesn't sit unoccupied for too long is to make your rental as low-maintenance as possible. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Install Vinyl Siding

Wood siding tends to fade and chip due to wear and tear from the outside elements, and without regular maintenance the damage can make your rental home look older and more run down that it really is. Tenants don't want to have to pressure wash or paint the house they're renting on a regular basis just to keep it looking decent, so replace your old wood siding with a vinyl option to reduce maintenance requirements for them. Vinyl siding comes already colored and requires no paint to keep the color from fading over time. It can also withstand severe weather conditions without getting damaged, and all that's needed to keep it clean is an occasional rinse with a hose and wipe with a cloth. Consider contacting your local vinyl siding company, like Four Seasons Home Products, to take care of your needs.

Get Rid of the Grass

Who wants to spend their weekends cutting grass when they could be spending time with family or unwinding from a stressful work-week? Prospective tenants are sure to appreciate a yard that stays looking great without having to worry about mowing or watering a lawn to keep it green. So, get rid of most is not all the natural grass on your property and replace it with something that's functional yet low-maintenance such as:

  • Stone Pavers

  • Artificial Grass

  • Leveled Gravel

  • Asphalt

Once the grassy areas have been updated with one of these options, decorate the property with potted plants that are indigenous to your area so they're easy to take care of. Make the yard enjoyable to use by incorporating a table and chairs, a barbecue pit, and even an outdoor kitchen. A small swing set or wading pool should help attract families with young children.

Include Interior Painting Services

The interior walls of most homes needs to be repainted regularly to get rid of scratches, chips, and marks that have accumulated over time. Instead of relying on tenants to keep your rental home's walls in good condition while living there, include a yearly painting service in the rental agreement. This will eliminate the need for your tenants to have to maintain them, and will help ensure that the walls are in good condition when someone moves out. You can recover at least some of the painting costs by factoring them into the initial deposit or monthly rental rates.