Maintenance To-Do's For Your A/C Unit

Air conditioning units last between 15 - 20 years, possibly longer if you take care of it properly. An A/C unit can be fairly expensive, plus the cost to have it installed professionally can really eat into your budget, especially if you aren't ready for the extra expense. Maintaining your air conditioning  unit can help lengthen the life of your unit, and reduce the amount of breakdowns and issues. See below for some maintenance to-do's you should be doing to take care of your unit.

Remove Debris

Remove debris and over-brush around your unit that can be blocking the air flow to your unit. If your unit isn't getting enough air flowing into it, it will work twice as hard, causing either an increase in energy bills, or a breakdown of your unit. Keep plants and bushes at least 4 feet away from your unit, and remove weeds that are growing up around the unit. Never store items near your unit that can block the air flow. If you have a decorative fence to hide your unit, be sure it has at least 4 feet between it and the unit.

Clean It Up

Clean your unit with a garden hose to remove built up debris such as leaves or grass clippings. If you have a lot of cottonwood in your area, use a shop vacuum to vacuum the fins to remove them. Cottonwood can clog the fins and literally choke your unit. Be careful when using a shop vacuum on your unit, as you can bend the fins. Take the housing of your unit off and clean up any leaves inside the unit. Give the inside a good spray, but avoid getting water on the motor. You can use the shop vacuum to vacuum the inside of the unit as well. Always be sure to turn off the power to your unit before you open it up.

Change Air Filters

The air filter should be changed so air can flow properly throughout your home. These air filters are responsible for helping to remove allergens and dust from the air, so they are cleaning the air you breathe. Change your air filter each and every month. Use the same size air filter and replace it in the same way you took out the old one. There are arrows on the air filter, so you know how to install the new air filter.

Your air conditioner helps you stay cool all summer long. Take good care of it so it can function properly and efficiently throughout its lifespan.