Subcontractors Need To Do Their Work In A Particular Order

When you are building a new house, there are a lot of subcontractors that your general contractor will have to deal with. They all generally come in a certain order because each one builds on the next. If they didn't come in the right order, they would have to tear apart the work that other people did so that they could do their work, and that would involve people having to repair their work. So, what order are you likely to see subcontractors come in to work on your house?


The framers are going to be the people who do the basic framing up of your house. They construct the bones on which everything else will lay. Sometimes they are carpenters that will come back and do more work later on in the build. 


After the bones of your house have been built, it's time to start filling in the rest of your house. That starts with your electrical systems and plumbing systems. Those subcontractors can come in and work at the same time by working in different areas. The electrician is going to have more rooms to work on than the plumber, so they can easily work around the plumbers. The electrician will put in outlets and leave places for light fixtures to be hung. The plumber will put in fixtures and water heaters. 


You are also going to need to have someone come in and do your insulation work for you. They may also work at the same times as electricians and plumbers, by just working in different rooms. 


After your electrics, plumbing, and insulation go in, it's time to close up the walls. The drywallers will come in and put up the drywall. They will make sure that they cut the pieces correctly for outlets, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and so forth to fit through. They will also mud and sand down the drywall so that everything is nice and smooth for the rest of the work. 

Finish Work

The subcontractors who do the finish work include painters, floorers, and carpenters. They do all the cosmetic end work that makes your house look nice and look like a home. They have to come last, otherwise, other subcontractors will ruin their work. 

If you are having your house built, there are generally a lot of subcontractors who will come in to do the work. How many work on your house may vary, depending on  your general contractor and what you are having done. Visit a site like for more help.