3 Troubleshooting Steps For Hot Tub Problems

Hot tub problems can derail your plans for a relaxing evening. Fortunately, basic troubleshooting can resolve many of the issues you could face. Before making a call to a hot tub repair professional, here are a couple of troubleshooting steps you should try.

Hot Tub Does Not Heat Up

Whenever the hot tub does not reach the desired temperature, a reset might be needed. Occasionally, a surge might cause the tub's heater to turn off as a safety measure. To resolve this, simply press the reset button. If the indicator light indicates no problem, the hot tub is safe to use.

However, if the heater turns off again, check the electrical breaker. The breaker can sometimes trip to the "off" position in response to a surge in electricity. If the switch is off, you can simply switch it back on. If it trips again, the hot tub likely has an electrical wiring issue. At that point, you need to call in a professional.

The Water Flow Is Reduced

The water for the hot tub passes through a filter to help remove impurities. Over time, the filter will become clogged with dirt, grime, and other debris. Depending on your hot tub type, an error message, such as "FLO," might be displayed. Regardless of whether there is a code, when the water flow is reduced, your filter should be the first place to check.

If you are not familiar with changing your filter, refer to your owner's manual. Ideally, you should have your filter regularly changed according to the manufacturer's recommendations. However, if you have not changed it recently, now is the time to check and change it. If the flow problem continues, the pump might be to blame and a professional from a company like Kaupas Water needs to be called.

The Water Is Too Hot

You should always check the temperature of the water before getting into the hot tub. Unfortunately, if there is a malfunction occurring, the temperature displayed might not be accurate. If the water is hotter than displayed, the problem could be the thermostat.

Start your troubleshooting by checking the temperature of the water using a manual thermometer. The heated water might feel hotter than it is. If the displayed temperature and the water are the same temperature, turn down the thermostat. If it is higher, check the filter. If the temperature is corrected, the problem is not the thermostat but the filter. If the water remains too hot, call a repair professional to further troubleshoot the hot tub.