Why A Ductless Heat Pump Is A Good Way To Heat Your New Workshop

If you're thinking of building a workshop in your backyard where you can spend the day working on your hobbies and watching TV, you'll need to make sure it is climate controlled for your comfort. A good choice for a small building is a ductless heat pump. One of these systems can provide heat during the winter and you can even get one that provides both heat and air conditioning so you're comfortable all year. Here are the benefits of choosing a ductless heating system for your workshop:

No Space Is Needed For Ducts

Your workshop will probably be different than a traditional home with an attic and a place for ducts. When you buy a ductless heat pump, you won't have to worry about where to put the ducts to keep them out of the way. Rather than ducts, the outdoor unit connects with the indoor air handler by tubing through the wall which makes one of these heating systems perfect for a small building.

The Indoor Air Handler Mounts On The Wall

The air handler for a ductless heat system is much smaller than a traditional HVAC air handler. It is so small that it mounts on the wall near the ceiling where it's out of the way and out of sight. Even though it's small, it is capable of heating your building well, and you can control the temperature just like you do with your home furnace. If you choose a system that is an air conditioner as well, then you can eliminate a bulky window air conditioner that takes up valuable window space in your shop.

A Ductless Heat Pump Is Safer Than A Space Heater

Space heaters often don't work all that well and they can even be dangerous. They aren't the ideal way to heat a small building, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time in it. Space heaters can cause a fire, so it isn't safe to fall asleep with one on or leave it running when you're out of the building. You can leave your heat pump turned on to keep the building warm even when you're away since there are no coils that get hot or fuel that will cause a fire.

When you compare your options, you may find a ductless heat pump to be a good choice for your building project. It can be installed by a professional with little disruption to your building. The contractor will drill holes for the tubing and mount the air handler wherever you want it placed. The outdoor unit will probably be placed on a concrete pad and then connected to your electrical supply. Then, you'll be ready to enjoy your new workshop and hideaway during all seasons of the year.

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