Possible Reasons Why The Drains In Your Home Keep Getting Clogged Up

It's one thing for the occasional drain in your home to get stopped up. You run out to the store and purchase an over-the-counter clog release solution, pour it into the drain and wait for it to work its magic. The problem comes in when this type of scenario seems to happen over and over again. No matter whether you're in the kitchen or one of your bathrooms it always seems like your sinks are becoming backed up. Frustrating situations like these beg for solutions. Keep reading to discover a few possible reasons why the drains in your home keep getting clogged up.

Tree Roots Are Clogging Up The Pipes

A rather common, but unknown reason why people repeatedly experience clogged drains has less to do with what's going on inside of the house and more to do with what's happening on the exterior. Having trees in your yard adds that perfect touch to the overall scheme but if you're not vigilant those beautiful trees can end up causing some significant problems.

As trees grow taller above the ground their roots must also anchor more deeply into the ground. If this doesn't happen it causes an imbalance and that's where you'll see trees that lean over and eventually fall down. As the trees are nestling into the ground they might run into the pipes that are coming from your home. Older plumbing systems often feature pipes that have deteriorated so there are cracks and small tears lining the pipe. The roots find their ways into these openings and begin to soak up the life-giving water that flows through the underground tubes. This is great for the tree but might not be as beneficial for you. You're going to need a professional plumber to come out and safely remove the roots and then patch up the pipe.

Hair & Soap Build-up Could Be The Culprit

Excessive amounts of hair and soap debris could also be the reason why your drains are repeatedly clogged up. A good way to combat this is to place strainers over each of the drains in your home. The strainers will catch the debris so you can easily wipe it right out of the sink.

Don't let those annoying clogged drains ruin your plans for the day. Carefully examine whether or not either of these causes could possibly be the reason why your drains can't seem to stay free from clogs. Contact a service like West Sound Plumbing Service for more information.