Preventing Business Downtime After A Flood

In many parts of the country, flooding is a fact of life. The question may not be "if" flooding will affect your business, but "when." Unfortunately, for many businesses, the damage sustained in a flood can be crippling if it impacts owners' ability to keep the doors open while repairs are being made. In these situations, an ounce of prevention really can be worth a pound of cure when it comes to maintaining cash flow and keeping open access for your customers. Read on for some ways you can prevent interruption or downtime for your business after you've experienced flooding.

Have a Contingency Plan

Scrambling to find alternatives only after you've been flooded can leave you without many options, as other business owners and residents who have suffered flood damage will likely be doing the same thing. Instead, you'll want to develop a Plan B (and perhaps Plans C through F) that can quickly be put into action as soon as it looks as though flood waters are about to breach your business's doors.

These contingency plans can include an alternate office location, phone forwarding, and automated email or text messages to be sent out to all your customers or clients as soon as you need to temporarily shut down your current location or move to another one. Keeping your customers apprised of your plans and your reopening date can engender loyalty and ensure that you don't lose customers to competitors that may not be dealing with the logistical problems you're facing at the moment.

Investigate Your Insurance Options

Many commercial insurance policies include "loss of business" damages. These can kick in and provide you with some extra cash flow whenever a natural disaster (like fire, flood, or earthquake) requires you to shut your business's doors until repairs are made. By purchasing this coverage, you'll no longer need to worry about the loss of sales you may see after a disaster, nor will you feel pressured into reopening your doors as quickly as possible to avoid further losses.

Have a Cleanup Firm on Retainer

If possible, you may also want to pay a retainer fee or reservation fee to a local flood remediation company. By having someone on standby to help clean up flood damage, you'll ensure your name always goes to the top of the list. This is especially useful if you're in a building or location that floods on a semi-regular basis, as the flood remediation firm may be able to recommend measures you can take to prevent minor and frequent floods. 

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