4 Times You Might Need A Commercial Plumber

Plumbing backups are not something anyone looks forward to having. While you might be able to deal with minor plumbing problems yourself, but sometimes you don't have the time to try and fix the problem. Calling a commercial plumber to fix the problem might be your only option. 

Blocked Drains

There are a lot of things that can cause a blocked drain, but when you get one that you can not clear on your own, it might be because something is blocking the pipe that you can't reach. Blockages like this often require the pipe to be removed with a power snake and some experience. Because so much of the plumbing used in modern construction is PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipe, aggressive drain clearing can damage the interior walls of the pipe and must be done with care. 

Broken or Leaking Pipes

Pipes that are exposed run a much higher risk of being damaged but also offer you the benefit of seeing a leak if one develops. A pipe that is leaking may need to tightening at a joint, but if the pipe is damaged in some way, you will need a plumber to replace the damaged section. In a commercial environment, such as a store, the potential liability to having water leaking on the floor is very high. You need to get the pipe fixed as soon as possible and keep people out of the area until it is safe.

Installing New Plumbing

Plumbing can be challenging to deal with and adding a new pipe to an existing building is harder. The walls are most likely covered in sheetrock or some other material and tearing it all down to run a new drain, or water line might not be an option. A professional plumber will often be able to run the line with minimal damage to the building they may have to remove some of the sheetrock but knowing the location of the existing plumbing lines can make it easier to add new lines in the same area. 

Industrial Plumbing

Adding plumbing that will carry something other than water may require an iron pipe or a material other than PVC. Often in industrial settings, steam, air, and chemicals can be run through pipes from one place to another. A leak in these systems is far more dangerous than a leak in a water line. An industrial or commercial plumber is the best person for these jobs and should be consulted before a project like this starts. The cost of the plumber might be high, but the piece of mind and safety it can offer might be worth it. 

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