Got a Pipe Leak? 4 Steps to Take When You're Facing Extreme Water Flow

If you've got a broken underground water pipe, you'll need to act fast. Broken water pipes can cause serious damage to your home and the surrounding area. To help you take care of the leak, here are some steps that you'll need to follow.

Stop the Water Flow

If you're dealing with a ruptured water pipe, the first thing you need to do is get the water turned off. You want to stop the flow of water as quickly as possible. Not only is your water bill increasing while the rupture is active, but you're also increasing the risk of property damage. To turn the water off to your home, you'll need to find the main control valve, which should be in the ground somewhere along the perimeter of your property. Once you locate the box, simply remove the lid and tighten the valve until the water stops flowing.

Contact a Plumber

Once you've stopped the flow of water, you'll need to contact a plumber. Don't try to fix the pipe by yourself. In most cases, a ruptured pipe requires professional repairs. Depending on the damage, your ruptured pipe may need to be replaced. Not only that, but there could be other pipes that require repairs. Your plumber will be able to locate those and make the necessary repairs before you're left facing another rupture.

Access the Pipe

As soon as you've made contact with the plumber, you can try to access the pipe. If the pipe is located outside, and you can see where water has bubbled up from the ground, simply use your shovel to remove the soil from that area. With the pipe already accessed, your plumber will be able to get to the repairs quicker. If the ruptured pipe is in your home, such as under a cabinet, clear the area so that your plumber has easier access to the area.

Order a Portable Toilet

If the repairs to your pipes will take longer than a few hours, you should arrange for portable toilet delivery, especially since the water to your home will be off during the repairs. You may be able to use bottled water for your cooking and hydration needs, but you'll need access to alternative restroom facilities. A portable toilet will ensure that you and your family have the facilities you need while the repairs to your pipes are being made.

Don't take chances with a pipe leak. Follow the instructions here to help you take care of the leak and clean up from the mess.