Signs That A Roofing Replacement Is Needed Instead Of A Repair

Many roofing contractors will offer both roof repair and replacement services. If you have an asphalt roof, then you may need to make the tough decision between a replacement and a repair. Replacements will cost quite a bit more money, but they are necessary, in a lot of cases. Keep reading, to learn about some signs that you should be looking at a replacement. 

Presence Of Moss

When you inspect your roof, you should see no obvious signs of greenery growing on top, underneath, or around the shingles. If you do see moss growing or even some smaller weed-type plants developing, this is a sign that you have a serious moisture issue that is allowing these plants to grow. If moisture is present, then the shingles have likely started to deteriorate. Specifically, the mats of the shingles have likely lost most of their protective oil, which has allowed the mat to absorb and hold onto moisture.

Once the shingle mats have started to degrade and moisture has collected substantially, the roof decking will be affected. This can lead to rot of not only the deck, but of the rafters underneath as well. In some cases, the fascia and eaves may also be affected, resulting in the need for a more complete roof replacement. 

In cases where moisture is present, you do want your roofing contractors to complete a total inspection of the roof, so that you can be sure that replacements are made where they are needed most.

You Hear Flapping Noises During A Storm

If you live in a hind wind area, then you should have a roof installed on your home that is wind rated. This means that the roof can remain strong against strong winds. However, if you hear a flapping or a strong slapping sound when a wind gust comes through the area, then this is a sure sign that your shingles are probably not well rated for the wind. 

When shingles start lifting from the wind, then they will typically begin to fold and rip. If you have seen one or two shingles on the ground after a wind storm, then this is likely what is happening to your roof. The problem will continue until the shingles are replaced with suitable ones. Since you already experienced a wind damage issue, then the shingles will likely be secured with one or two extra nails on each shingle.