Dodging Common Chimney Repair Needs

A fireplace and chimney can make the interior of your home a far more comfortable place to be, and it can also help to improve the value of the property. Typically, the fireplace and chimney will not require much maintenance to keep them in good condition, but there are some steps that will have to be followed.

Keep The Firewood Dry

Burning firewood that is not completely dry can be a damaging mistake to make. The moisture in this wood can contribute to vast amounts of smoke being produced when the wood hits the fire. This smoke can overwhelm the ventilation capacity of the chimney, which can allow some of the smoke and fumes to fill the home. Even if this does not happen, the excess smoke could contribute to soot accumulations that may eventually form a blockage.

Prepare The Chimney For The Off-Season For The Fireplace

Most areas will not need to use the chimney regularly throughout the year, and this will lead to months where it will experience no use at all. During these times, capping the chimney can help to avoid pests nesting in the chimney or leaves and other debris getting inside it. Applying a cap will not be a difficult or expensive task to do, but you will need to remember to remove the cap before you use the fireplace again.  Otherwise, it may be completely blocked and unable to vent the smoke being produced.

Check The Chimney For External Damages

The exterior of the chimney will also be vulnerable to damages that should be mitigated against and repaired as soon as they start to occur. An especially serious problem for the chimney can be if it develops a lean to it. When a chimney is leaning, it will be structurally unsound as t may be at risk of collapse. Deep cracks in the chimney can also represent a problem as they can weaken the overall chimney so that it may be at a greater risk of failing.  

Have The Chimney's Interior Professionally Cleaned And Inspected

The interior of the chimney will have to be cleaned every year to remove the soot that accumulated in it over the previous winter. It can be possible for a homeowner to buy the tools to clean a chimney's interior, but this should always be left to a professional. A chimney contractor will be able to ensure that the cleaning and inspection are done correctly so that problems will not be overlooked.

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