3 Fun DIY Projects You Can Do At Home Using Ready-Mix Concrete

If you're like most homeowners, you are probably always looking for some fun ways to spruce you your home and yard. Here are a few DIY projects you can complete using ready-mix concrete:

Create Modern Stools

You can easily make your own stools to use inside or outside of your home with the help of some ready mix concrete. Just fill a plastic 5-gallon bucket about a third full with pre-mixed concrete and then stick four dowels into the concrete before it sets to create legs for your stool. Let the concrete dry for about 72 hours, then cut the plastic bucket away from the concrete.

You should be left with a solid stool that is ready to be painted any color of your choosing. You can even tint the concrete seats by adding some concrete colorant to your ready-mix before pouring into your bucket mold. Enjoy your new stools in the garden, on a porch, in the garage, or even around the dining room table.

Install a New Mailbox

Ready mix concrete makes it easy to install a new mailbox. You can either purchase a circular concrete form from the home improvement store or make your own square form using a piece of 2 x 4 lumber. Just cut the lumber into four pieces of the same length and then nail them together to create a square.

Place your purchased or homemade form where you want your mailbox to be located and then hold the mailbox post securely in the middle of the form while making sure that it's level. Pour your ready-mix concrete into the form and let it cure for about 48 hours. Then you can take the form off and attach your mailbox to the post.

Create Stepping Stones in Your Garden

Another thing you can do with the help of ready-mix concrete is create unique stepping stones to enjoy in your garden. Start by cutting up several pieces of 1 x 1 lumber in to different lengths. Then create misshapen forms with the lumber pieces to make them look like large stones.

Place the forms where you want to create steps in your garden, then fill the forms with your ready-mix concrete. You should be able to start using your new stepping stones within about 24 hours. You can use this same method to create concrete stands for your flower pots too. Just use 2 x 6 lumber to make your forms to give the stands some height.