3 Easy DIY Fixes To Common Boiler Problems

Is your boiler having mechanical troubles? Before you call the boiler repair person, check it yourself to see if it is a problem you can easily fix. While boilers may seem like complicated pieces of machinery, sometimes you can safely DIY fix them. You just need to know what to look for. Once you know the basics of boilers, you can quickly determine whether you can fix it yourself, or whether you need to call a professional repair person. [Read More]

Outdoor Wood Furnace Tips - Reducing Fire Safety Concerns

If you use a wood burning stove or furnace to heat your home, then it is important to schedule a regular heating service at least once a year to ensure the safety of your system. HVAC contractors and heating professionals can both inspect your heater. Wood stove or furnace maintenance is necessary to reduce fire concerns and appropriate repairs can be suggested to keep your furnace safe. You also need to do a variety of things throughout the year to make sure that a fire does not start inside your chimney. [Read More]

Dings May Spell Disaster: Why A Chipped RV Windshield Should Be Immediately Repaired

It happens to everyone: you're cruising along on the highway in your RV and suddenly you hear something small hit the windshield and a ding appears as if by magic. While dings in the glass may not seem like a big deal, they pose a significant threat that many RV owners can underestimate. If your windshield is dinged, it's important to understand what you can do to prevent serious windshield damage further down the line. [Read More]

Four Ways To Make Your Home And Yard Safer For Elderly Guests

Even if you're young and spry enough to skip up icy stairs with ease and dodge the potholes as you traverse your yard to get to the garden, that does not necessarily mean your guests will be. If you want your home and yard to be a safe place for elderly relatives when they come visit, then it's important to make eliminate common hazards. After all, you wouldn't want tea and cookies with grandma to turn into a trip to the emergency room. [Read More]