Make Your Rental Home Low-Maintenance For Optimized Tenant Interest

It can be tough to compete with other rental homes on the market when it comes to attracting new tenants, especially if your property doesn't offer anything different than others that are available in the area. One way you can more easily attract tenants and make sure your home doesn't sit unoccupied for too long is to make your rental as low-maintenance as possible. Here are a few ideas to get you started: [Read More]

What Is Causing Mold To Develop On The Roof?

Mold is a problem that can develop both in your home and also on the exterior. The roof is particularly vulnerable to mold. Even though the mold is on the roof, it can still have an effect on you and your family. If your roof has mold, here is what you need to know.   What Causes Mold?  Your roof is exposed to a lot of moisture. Humidity, rain, and snow can weave their way under the shingles of your roof and lead to mold development. [Read More]

2 Reasons To Utilize An Appliance Repair Service

One of the best resources available to you, if you have a damaged appliance, is an appliance repair service--mostly because of the various ways in which they may be able to help you save that appliance and keep it in service. Listed below are two reasons to talk with an appliance repair service, such as J & M Appliance. Avoid Making The Problem Worse One of the biggest reasons to utilize appliance repair service is to help you avoid making the mistake of attempting to fix the appliance on your own. [Read More]

Important Factors To Consider Early In The Process Of Designing A Custom Home

When many people think about having a custom home built, they think about the excitement that comes with selecting their preferred countertop and flooring styles, paint colors, and other interior accents. While these details are certainly important, there are typically some bigger factors to think about earlier on in the process. Before you dive into the many details of exactly how the interior of the home will look, you'll need to thoroughly consider a number of other critical details. [Read More]